Monday, August 20, 2012

Comic Con! San Diego!

You would never know it by looking at him, but it turns out that Chris Hemsworth is a HUGE fan of Comic-Con!  I hadn't planned on going, but Chris (that's what we call him when we're hanging out) insisted that I go.  Apparently, you have to plan these things way ahead of time, so finding a hotel was a bit of a challenge. Eventually, I got a pretty nice place not far from the convention.

It took me about an hour to get to the Convention Center.  People tell me that's not too bad.

I knew that people dressed up for Comic-Con, but I didn't know Chris Hemsworth would be so into it. Every day he got his hammer and helmet before leaving for the con!

Snoopy is bigger than I expected in real life.
On the first day, Chris Hemsworth made me take a picture of him and a woman and Snoopy.  I thought it was because the woman was pretty, but he said it's just because he likes Snoopy.  I talked to the woman and she gave me her phone number, but when I called it, I kept getting a bowling alley.  I must have copied the number wrong.

There was all kinds of cool stuff there, too, like props and vehicles from movies.  We saw the Ark from Raiders of the Lost Ark, and all the Batmobiles.

I wanted a picture of me with the classic Batmobile,  but Chris Hemsworth got in the way.
Comic-Con is also a great place to go if you're into video games, which I am, but Chris Hemsworth is not.  "Why do I need video games?" says Chris Hemsworth.  "My life is one giant video game!"

I guess it is, but his video game has a lot more signing autographs than I'd like.  Besides, if you play a game like Portal, then you have this gun that lets you walk through walls.  How cool is that?  Way cool!  So much cooler than a stupid hammer.  I mean, a hammer?  What if people are shooting at you?  With a portal gun, you can just escape through the nearest SOLID WALL.  How many times would you have to throw your hammer to smash all the guns?  At least five.  No thank you.

This guy gets it.
On the last day, Chris Hemsworth had to go to a panel about the Avengers that he couldn't get me into, which kinda sucked, because I heard that Natalie Portman was going to be on the panel.  I really wanted to ask her how she stays so skinny.  She must run everywhere. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fourth of July!

Well, I know it's been a while since my last post, but Chris Hemsworth and I have been up to a lot.  First thing I have to catch you up on is our Fourth of July outing, which Chris (he likes to be informal about names) set up for us.

Turns out he knows a lot of people, and so he was able to make us VIPs for the fireworks in Calabasas.  If you haven't been to Los Angeles before, Calabasas is a town just on the outskirts, built mostly on the sides of mountains.  Calabasas really nice because when twildfires start, it's really easy to get away from them by just rolling down the hill.

Anyway, Chris and I were actually on the program!

Any doubt that Chris Hemsworth and I are friends?  Check it out!  IN PRINT!

There was a lot of really good food at the Fireworks Spectacular.  I was especially excited about the churros.  I bought a churro for me and a churro for Chris Hemsworth, but he said he couldn't eat it because he's on a diet.  I think that's pretty crazy.  I mean, if you can't eat a churro on the Fourth of July, when can you eat a churro?!!

At this point I've moved on to eating the churro I bought for Chris Hemsworth.

But because Chris knows so many people, sometimes he would run off to talk to them, and I would lose track of him.  He said something about us going on stage, but it never happened.

This was sometime between 7:15 and 8:10 when Chris Hemsworth disappeared.

I was worried about Chris Hemsworth, because he was gone for a long time.  But eventually I found a guy who had open blanket space. I asked him if he would mind if Chris Hemswoth and I shared his spot for the fireworks, and he said it was cool.

We wished we had more churros.  Or maybe a snowcone.

The fireworks were pretty good.  I would show you a picture but I don't want you to feel bad that you missed it.  Afterwards, I found Chris Hemsworth at his Ford Escape Hybrid.  He said, "Did you have fun?"  And I said, "Totally."

Lots of new entries coming soon!

Monday, June 25, 2012

 Hollywood Night

Well, after a few tries, Chris Hemsworth and I were finally able to get together again.  He seems to be really busy, which is only fair. I'm really busy, too.  Last week I got a new golf game for my XBOX360, so I've had to concentrate on that.  I was in a golfing mood, so I thought maybe Chris Hemsworth and I should go mini-golfing, but he said that we should go to a bar.  For some reason, Chris Hemsworth thinks I should meet women other than the ones who work at Starbucks.

Sorry, Jen.  I really thought we had something special, but I'm going to have to trust Chris Hemsworth. 

So Chris (that's what I call him when we're hanging out) picked a bar in Hollywood.  I'd never been there before, but I had heard it's really popular with people who go Hollywood.

When we got there I could tell that we were going to have a really good night.  The bartender was so nice I thought he and Chris Hemsworth knew each other, but it turns out they just met that night.  Still, he got us drinks right away.

The bartender's name was Nigel.  Or maybe Andrew.  Something like that.

Even though we got there early, once we started our drinks, everything was really great.  Chris Hemsworth told a story about getting fitted for his Thor costume.  I told a story about a weird-looking avocado I saw at Ralph's (it had lumps).

After awhile, Chris Hemsworth and the bartender started talking about The Wire.  I don't watch that show.

9:43 PM.  Right after this, the alarm on my cell phone went off, to remind me to put more money in my parking meter.

Chris Hemsworth and I stayed out really late!  Usually I'm in bed with a cookbook by 10:30, but we really lived it up.  Chris Hemsworth was sure that I was going to meet a lot of women at this bar, but none of the women we saw ever came up and talked to me.  That's okay, I can be really picky (I don't like open-toed shoes).

Did you know if you sleep too long on the bar, they make you leave?  I didn't.

When it was finally time to leave, the bartender gave us our checks.  I think we made out pretty well, considering we were there almost two hours AND had drinks.

Chris Hemsworth paid my check.  I felt bad though, and made him promise I'd treat the next time we had drinks.

By the time it was 11:30, we'd had a big night, so Chris Hemsworth and I decided it was time to go home.  He told me not to feel bad about not meeting anyone, though.  "I'm looking out for you," he said, "that's what a good wingman does, right?"  And he's right.  That IS what a good wingman does.

Maybe next week, I can convince him to go mini-golfing.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rooftop Barbeque!

This weekend my friend had a barbeque on his rooftop, so I called Chris Hemsworth to see if he wanted to go.  Chris (I can call Chris Hemsworth "Chris" because we're friends) said he was totally into it, so we met up at the place on Saturday night.  You might think that Chris Hemsworth has better things to do on a Saturday night than go to a barbeque with me, but that's where you're wrong.  He's always got time for a friend.

So the barbeque was on this really nice deck, and everyone seemed to be especially friendly.

We're watching Chris Hemsworth.  He's making a joke about paparazzi.

The really awesome thing about the barbeque was that there were a lot of women there.  Who likes a barbeque that's just dudes?  Not me.  I wouldn't have thought there were a lot of women at the barbeque when I first got there, but then I saw them all talking to Chris Hemsworth.

I told Chris Hemsworth not to wear a backpack to the barbeque, but I was wrong, he totally rocked it!

Chris Hemsworth also said that the food was really good at the party.  He said they had barbeque ribs, grilled artichokes, and there was a guy walking around serving margaritas from a pitcher.  I looked around for that stuff, but I could never find it.

So I settled for a couple hot dogs and a Diet Mr. Pibb.

Joke's on everyone at the party!  I got the last Mr. Pibb!

All in all, I'd say it was a really nice barbeque, but it was way more fun having Chris Hemsworth along.

Check back next week, I think this weekend Chris Hemsworth and I are going to go to a pub!