Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rooftop Barbeque!

This weekend my friend had a barbeque on his rooftop, so I called Chris Hemsworth to see if he wanted to go.  Chris (I can call Chris Hemsworth "Chris" because we're friends) said he was totally into it, so we met up at the place on Saturday night.  You might think that Chris Hemsworth has better things to do on a Saturday night than go to a barbeque with me, but that's where you're wrong.  He's always got time for a friend.

So the barbeque was on this really nice deck, and everyone seemed to be especially friendly.

We're watching Chris Hemsworth.  He's making a joke about paparazzi.

The really awesome thing about the barbeque was that there were a lot of women there.  Who likes a barbeque that's just dudes?  Not me.  I wouldn't have thought there were a lot of women at the barbeque when I first got there, but then I saw them all talking to Chris Hemsworth.

I told Chris Hemsworth not to wear a backpack to the barbeque, but I was wrong, he totally rocked it!

Chris Hemsworth also said that the food was really good at the party.  He said they had barbeque ribs, grilled artichokes, and there was a guy walking around serving margaritas from a pitcher.  I looked around for that stuff, but I could never find it.

So I settled for a couple hot dogs and a Diet Mr. Pibb.

Joke's on everyone at the party!  I got the last Mr. Pibb!

All in all, I'd say it was a really nice barbeque, but it was way more fun having Chris Hemsworth along.

Check back next week, I think this weekend Chris Hemsworth and I are going to go to a pub!

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